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Anyone wishing to book the band, we would love to come and play for you. 

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Following on from the bands recent successes, and subsequent movements within the band, we are now looking to recruit more players to build on our success, and we have the following recruitment opportunities for you:

Principal Cornet
Solo Cornet
Horn Player
Trombone Players
Eb Bass
Bb Bass

If you are interested, or you know someone who would be, might be but just don't know it yet, or just needs that encouragement, did you used to play and would like the fun of playing again, then please contact the Band Secretary via the band email address;

[email protected] or
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Or anyone in the Band.

We rehearse on Tuesday's 8 pm - 9.45 pm at Moulton Club, 15 High Street, Moulton, Northampton, NN3 7SR.

We hope you'll be in touch, and don't worry, there is no age limit, all are welcome.

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RESULTS - Midlands Regional Brass Band Championship 11th March 2018

On Sunday 11th March 2018, we took to the stage to compete at the Midlands Regional Brass Band Championship in the 4th Section.  With 22 bands in our Section playing World Tour by Rodney Newton, it was a very long day, especially as we were drawn 22, the last band to play.

It had been a lot of work to get the piece ready under the direction of Colin Jones, especially as 6 weeks earlier we didn't have a band!!  We went from 15 players to 28 players on stage, an amazing achievement, and are extremely pleased that we came 6th place out of 22 bands competing.

MOULTON 77 BRASS BAND NEEDS YOU - December 2017 (Amended March 2018)

Following on from our recent success at the Leicester Brass Band Contest in the 4th Section, where we came 2nd out of 11 bands taking part, we are now looking to recruit more players to build on our success, and we have the following vacancies:

Soprano Cornet Player
Horn Player
Eb Bass Player

If you are interested, or you know someone who would be;

Please contact us by email: [email protected] or

send a message on our Facebook Page


On Sunday 19th November 2017, we took part in the Leicester Brass Band Contest in the 4th Section, it was an own choice contest and we chose to play Hollywood, it was our first contest with our new MD Colin Jones.

We were all delighted to be placed 2nd out of 11 bands taking part.


Moulton 77 Brass Band is pleased to announce their new MD, Colin Jones.


Colin’s playing career started on baritone in the bottom of the 4th Section with rapid progression through the sections, and he played in the Championship Section for more than 20 years with the Point of Ayr Colliery Band.

He started conducting back in the early eighties with the Point of Ayr Colliery Junior Band. Whilst playing with the Point of Ayr Colliery Band, he also conducted Deeside Silver and the Gwernaffield Bands in the 4th Section. He conducted the Point of Ayr Colliery Band on several occasions. Whilst playing with the Enderby Band he was appointed the bands Resident Conductor. In 2002, he conducted Croft Silver in the Second Section. He then went to Wigston Band, and has been their Assistant Musical Director for the past five years. Since 2010, he has been involved with the Market Harborough Air Training Corps Band, which is a military style marching band. Since his involvement they have won every competition entered with both the full band and fanfare section.

Colin is pleased to have been chosen as Moulton 77’s new MD in their 40th year. Colin is looking forward to working with Moulton 77 Brass Band to develop their musical ability to meet their ambitions of moving up to the 3rd Section in the near future.

He will hit the ground running with a busy concert schedule of:-

Saturday 6th May - a joint concert with Wolverton Town band at St George’s Church, Wolverton – 6.30 pm.

Friday 19th May - Charity Concert at Simon De Senlis School, Northampton – 7.00 pm.

Saturday 20th May - Moulton Festival, Moulton Pocket Park – 2.30 pm.

Sunday 4th June - Abington Park Bandstand, Northampton – 2.00 pm.


A massive, Thank You, went to Nicholas Garman, who sadly left as Moulton 77's MD. 

He will be a hard act to follow, and we all thank you for all your hard work.

Good luck for the future from everyone at Moulton 77 Brass Band.


On Saturday 17th September 2016, we entered the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, playing the Suite: Music from Kantara by Kenneth Downie in the 4th Section.

Held at Cheltenham Racecourse, there were 19 bands in our Section. We played well, and coming 11th in the Fourth Section Championships, out of an original 110 bands from the regional contests isn't that bad at all.

TOP ROW -  Michelle McDaide, Charles Aust, Marcus Rock, Matt Freestone, Archie Batty, Alan Clifton, Joshua Smith, Ellie Gedney, Mel Eastaff

MIDDLE ROW - Andy Palmer, Melanie Spencer, Dale Coleman, Elin Sjursen, Simon Shaw, Shirley Ludlow, Neil Clifton, Heather Ellson, Nicola Readhead

BOTTOM ROW - Rob Tite, Helen Clifton, Terry Godley, Margaret Nutt, Nicholas Garman, Chris Bayley, Martin Coleman, Zara Elms, Tony Spratt


Fred Alibone, the father of Chas Alibone, played the cornet in the Moulton Brass Band. His instrument was made in 1923 by Boosey & Co who, in 1934, amalgamated with another instrument maker Hawkes & Co, to become the famous Boosey & Hawkes instrument manufacturer.

In 1937 the band’s instruments were put into storage in a barn behind the Artichoke Inn. Disaster! All were destroyed when the barn burnt down. Sadly the Moulton Brass Band had become the Molten Brass Band. Their assets had been liquidated!

However, Fred had taken his cornet home with him and his son Chas has looked after it ever since.

Because Fred’s cornet hadn’t been played for many decades it needed to be reconditioned – in the hope it could be loaned to Moulton 77 Brass Band. Unfortunately the instrument is of a higher pitch and doesn’t easily blend in with today’s brass instruments. The old cornet was played by Archie Batty at a recent concert, which until then had remained silent for 79 years, and was recorded for the archives of Moulton’s History Society. 

Fred’s cornet will be in the archives of the Moulton History Society and it is hoped it can be put on display in the new library when it’s built.

Many thanks to Mike Austin, for bringing the cornet to the attention of the band, and Shawn Pagington of First Brass for cleaning it up and getting it working again.


Sunday 13th March 2016 saw Moulton 77 compete in the 2016 Midlands Regional Championships in Bedworth in the Fourth Section.  We were drawn 3rd to compete against 18 other bands, after weeks of practising the Test Piece: 'The Journal of Phileas Fogg' - Peter Graham.  With our new MD Nicholas Garman in the middle, we came a fantastic 3rd, and now qualify for the National Finals in Cheltenham.


Moulton have selected a new MD - Nicholas Garman. He comes to the band with a wealth of musical experience. He has played with many of the country's finest bands including Cory, Grimethorpe and Virtuosi GUS. He has a music degree and is currently the Director of Music at Immanuel College. Moulton are looking forward to working with Nicholas.

For further information about Nicholas go to our History & Our MD page.

MOULTON 77 BRASS BAND - Midlands Regional Brass Band Championship 7th March 2015

TOP ROW - Jordan Dear, Mel Eastaff, Charles Aust, Joshua Smith, Archie Batty, Harry Batty, Marcus Rock, Matt Freestone, Mick Moxon, Michelle McDaide, Melanie Spencer

MIDDLE ROW - Andy Palmer, Shirley Ludlow, Nicola Readhead, Heather Ellson, Neil Clifton, Ian Watson, Vincent Mayer, Charlotte Acres, Ian Spencer

BOTTOM ROW - Zara Elms, Rachel Bradley, Margaret Nutt, Alan Clifton, Roger Stevens, Dale Coleman, Martin Coleman, Helen Clifton, Rob Tite


Saturday 7th March 2015 was not a particularly good day for Moulton 77 Brass Band. We came 18th at the Midland Regional Finals for the 3rd Section. Nobody really felt we deserved to come as low as that, especially as we only seemed to be marked down on the fact we played too slowly. As a band we were disheartened with the result but some of us had a good night at Pizza Hut to celebrate/commiserate .

We will pick ourselves back up and perform to the best of our ability during our events for the rest of the year.


The results from the band awards:

Most Improved Player - Vincent Mayer
Bandsman of the Year - Michelle McFarren
Best Section - Horns - Shirley Ludlow, Heather Ellson, Neil Clifton, Nicola Irwin & Rachael Stoneham
Best Soloist - Shirley Ludlow
And the funnies:
Best Bob's - Zara Waitforit Elms and Rachel Bradley
Inventor of the Year - Dale Coleman (or should it be Jackie)
Missing in Action - Marcus Rock
'Special' Award - Mick Moxen

Well done everyone.

Please go to the Facebook Page for all the photos


Great surprise for the band when we turned up to band practice and the club had new signs up, and had added Home of Moulton 77 Brass Band.


In March 2014 we played in the Regionals for the Midlands Area. We were placed 12th out of 17 bands. A fair result for our return to the Third Section. This has maintained our position in the Third Section finishing 14 out of 18 bands.


Bandsman of the Year - Melanie Watts
Most Improved Player - Marcus Rock
Best Section - Trombones - Ian Watson, Charlotte Acres &  Andrew Weston
Best Soloist - Charlotte Acres
Most Outrageous Moment Award - Mick Moxon
Desperate for an Award Award - Zara Elms
Special thanks to Rachael Stoneham and Marcus Rock

Please go to the Facebook Page for all the photos.

Moulton 77 Brass Band - National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain - Cheltenham 2013

Moulton 77 Brass Band - National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain - Cheltenham 2013

Sarah Whitlock-Pritchard, Joshua Smith, Marcus Rock, Harry Batty, Matt Freestone, Mick Moxon, Archie Batty, Geoff Holah, Melanie Eastaff
Shirley Ludlow, Maria Burrell, Rachael Stoneham, Neil Clifton, Melanie Watts, Ian Spencer, Ian Watson, Andrew Weston, Charlotte Acres, Kate Graham Bradshaw
Zara Elms, Larry Roberts, Rachel Bradley, Alan Clifton, Roger Stevens, Dale Coleman, Neil Brownless, Keiran Hillman, Helen Clifton

Saturday 21st September 2013


On 21/9/13 Moulton 77 travelled to Cheltenham to compete in the 4th Section at the National Brass Band Finals, playing The Malvern Suite, we competed against 19 other bands, and came 17th.  To put this into context, over 100 bands competed in the Regionals held across the Country, and 19 qualified for the Finals. We have done very well indeed.

We now look forward to competing in the 3rd Section in 2014. 


Moulton 77 Brass Band is extremely pleased to have come 3rd in 2013 Midland Region Qualifying Championships on Sunday 10th March. Playing "A Devon Fantasy" we were the last band to play (17th).  We have now qualified for the National Finals in Cheltenham. Last time we got a result like this was 2006!! Well Done to Everyone.

Come and Join Moulton 77 

We are eager to hear from local brass and percussion players. We rehearse on a Tuesday 8.00 pm to 9.45 pm, (and very occasionally on a Thursday) in Moulton Club, 15 High Street, Moulton, Northampton, NN3 7SR.

Our music ranges from traditional brass band marches to classical arrangements and contemporary pieces.

Can you play a brass instrument or percussion? All ages welcome, we want to hear from you, please get in touch.

Please contact us by email: [email protected]uk or send a message on our Facebook Page

(Please leave a contact telephone number on your emails, occasionally we have found out our replies do not get to you because of spam blockers etc, and we would have no way of contacting you back).

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Moulton 77 is now a community partner of the Northamptonshire Music Education Hub.